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Performance Building Services has a long history of providing janitorial services to the educational community. It is a unique environment with unique challenges and very intensive cleaning needs. The experience obtained over the years of working in this setting have provided Performance with the skills necessary to provide unparalleled service and reliability to our customers.

Specializing in meeting the janitorial needs of schools and other institutions of higher learning, we definitely have the solution for your organization's specific building services needs.

Though the Performance portfolio is constantly growing and changing, private schools are the foundation that our business was built upon and we take great pride in serving the needs of the educational community. As our company evolves, the level of commitment to the educational community continues to grow.

The relationships that have been formed have created exciting new opportunities throughout Southern California. As a result we are working with schools that are academic leaders and they count on Performance every day to make sure that their image is maintained for the discerning clientel that they serve.

  • Nightly janitorial service
  • Day porter service
  • Hard floor care
  • Carpet care
  • Set-ups
  • Pressure washing
  • Window cleaning
  • more
  • Paper goods
  • Plastic goods
  • Washroom supplies
  • Floor mat programs
  • more


By providing a safe and sanitary environment to study, it is assured that the students are focused on their studies and growing at their full potential. Studies show that cleanliness directly correlates to learning, test scores and attendance.

When students want to go to school they are going to learn more. Providing them with a comfortable environment to learn will drive attendance and allow for recruiting of better students.

The focus of the Green Cleaning Program is to deliver consistent quality cleaning and not at the expense of the students, staff or environment.


Outsourcing your facility services with Performance Building Services can reduce the operating costs associated with a quality maintenance program and improve the appearance of your school.

Performance has many recent success stories of taking in house cleaning programs and converting them to an easier to manage more cost effective program. By lowering labor costs and using the highly trained professionals that Performance employs, you can see an immediate reduction in expense to your organization... let us to do the same for you.


Ask one of our specialists to evaluate your needs and customize a cleaning program tailored to the needs of your organization.

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