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As the definition of what “clean” means evolves, it is important to understand the real requirements for working together safely in the workplace, the buzz phrases (what is real and what is hype), and the level of service that is actually required for each cleaning environment.

Currently, one constant that applies to every environment is sanitizing. Sanitizing has become a reality, as part of our daily lives, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.  Still, the cleaning levels, products, and personal practices that will be required remain a mystery to most.

Performance has to meet this demand while educating our customers on cleaning and sanitizing in today’s world.  It has changed, but there are tools and techniques at your disposal.  It is important to stay informed and we want to help make sense of this very confusing topic.

To strengthen customer understanding, we offer a look at what cleaning is and the many benefits of a clean, sanitary work environment.  It may seem confusing, but a little bit of caution and common sense will go a long way.

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