Performance Cleanroom Sevices is a division of Performance Building Services that was created to deal with the growing demand for highly skilled technical cleaning in the Southern California market.

Performance Cleanroom Services provides precision technical cleaning services to medical device manufacturers, laboratories, and data centers.

Offering elevated cleaning levels for laboratories, all cleaning levels up to superclean for critical environments, and data center cleaning with ongoing re-cleans, Performance Cleanroom Services has a cleaning solution for your application.

Cleaning programs for daily cleaning, with options that are inclusive of all periodic cleaning at increased service levels, and on-call services for additional cleaning or special cleans.  For every phase from inception to start-up.

Performance provides control of the cleaning process from construction to certification with comprehensive daily cleaning plans for ongoing maintenance.

Assistance is available in development of cleaning protocols and required documentation.

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Performance Cleanroom Services provides high-quality cleaning to meet the stringent requirements of cleaning critical environments.

Technicians are trained to perform cleaning in the prescribed manner and record all work performed nightly.

Customers are provided an operating manual that outlines the cleaning plan, service agreement, safety data and SDS sheets.  It also serves as a location for storing nightly cleaning records.  Providing easy reference for required cleaning and a clear record of work that has been performed.

To maintain quality levels, supervisors periodically visit job sites to inspect the work logs, grade cleaning, and assist crew members.  Constantly monitoring quality levels and providing cleaning crews strong support provides the required cleaning levels on a consistent basis.


  • Flexible Plans
    Structured cleaning with flexible service options.  Cleaning and planning assistance is available from development through certification.

  • Local Service
    Strategically located in Orange County, Performance Cleanroom Services is able to reliably provide service throughout Southern California.

  • Specialized Training
    At Performance, safety always comes first.  Cleaning technicians receive skill and safety training on an ongoing basis, no less than annually.


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Cleaning for Cleanrooms

Cleaning for Cleanrooms
Professional cleanroom cleaning for medical device manufacturing, with a variety of higher level cleaning options available.

Serving class 7, 8 or 9 cleanrooms that are not ISO certified.

Meeting the complex needs of existing quality programs with assistance available in development/revision of protocols.

Clinical and Research Laboratory Cleaning

Clinical and Research Laboratory Cleaning
Methodical, detailed cleaning to ensure a clean environment at a pace that respects the sensitivity of the areas being cleaned.

Customizable cleaning plans and scheduling options.

Performance offers reliable, safe solutions for the specialized cleaning needs of laboratories and controlled environments.

Data Center Cleaning

Data Center Cleaning
Critical data center cleaning services featuring advanced dust removal programs for technical and cleanroom settings.

Specialized services for raised floor cleaning environments.

Options beginning at post-construction cleaning through start-up, with recurring and on-call service options.

Quality Systems

Quality Systems
All Performance cleaning technicians receive direct support from their supervisors and operations in maintaining quality.

Teamwork promotes growth and increases job commitment.

Our culture of support, mentorship and teamwork delivers consistent results and customer satisfaction.

Cleanroom Cleaning
Data Center Cleaning
Cleaning Supervision
Cleanroom Cleaning

Data Center Cleaning
Cleanroom Cleaning
Cleanroom Cleaning
Cleanroom Cleaning


Performance Cleanroom Services is able to provide service at ISO standards for cleanrooms that are not ISO certified.

For medical device manufacturers operating at ISO class 7, 8 or 9 that are not ISO certified, assimilating cleaning levels provides the comfort of knowing service is at the required levels for quality, but without the costly overhead of ISO certification.  This can mean substantial savings.

Manufacturing, R&D, and other non-critical cleanroom areas are cleanable at a fraction of the expense.

Performance offers a cost-effective, competent alternative to the big cleanroom cleaning companies.

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