The only job of Performance Building Services is to provide clean workspaces and we do this using proven team cleaning methods with simple quality procedures to get the job done right time-after-time.

One of the easiest procedures to complete, and amongst the most effective, is simply double-checking the cleaning to ensure that nothing was missed.

After performing all cleaning tasks, crews will perform a quick double-check of their work.  Then they check door locking and light switches.  Once the cleaning has been double-checked and the building is secure, the work is reported as complete to their supervisor.  Simple.

Our supervisors periodically inspect and score the cleaning.  Results are communicated to cleaning crews and support is provided in improving cleaning scores.  Any necessary re-training is performed at this time.  All with the goal of customer satisfaction.

Our teamwork and simple systems deliver the kind of results that make satisfied customers into happy customers.

Please call Performance to discuss commercial cleaning solutions that will make you happy, not just "satisfied."

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Performance provides commercial cleaning services throughout Southern California from our convenient Orange County headquarters.

Our service portfolio includes multi-tenant office buildings, medical office buildings, surgery centers, controlled environments, manufacturing properties, data centers, and others.  All have specialized cleaning requirements or sometimes they just like things a specific way.

Performance tailors a plan to meet those needs - then performs and inspects the work on a set schedule for consistent cleaning results.

From commercial janitorial services to highly detailed technical cleans, Performance has solutions for every cleaning challenge.


  • 1 - Learning Experience
    Call to discuss your needs with our friendly, professional staff.  They offer assistance with budget and site cleaning analysis.

  • 2 - Budget Analysis
    Comparing cleaning budgets helps to ensure fair pricing and has proven helpful in identifying pricing discrepancies.

  • 3 - Free Consultation
    Schedule a site survey to receive an honest critique of the current cleaning program with a solid budget to clean properly.


Please read more or call our friendly sales staff at (949) 364-4364 now.

Commercial Cleaning Expertise

Commercial Cleaning Expertise
All cleaning types require special skill sets.  To maintain quality, crews must be well trained and supervised.

Our dedicated staff and quality control systems deliver consistent satisfaction levels for all our valued customers.

Every Customer is a VIP

Every Customer is a VIP
Performance is a customer-centered service company.  Customer support is available 24 hours a day.

All emergencies or requests, large or small, are treated with the same respect and determination for satisfaction.

Specialized Services

Specialized Services
Performance has several services to further enhance appearance and your overall cleaning experience.

Floor detail and finish restoration, interior or exterior glass cleaning and pressure washing all provide high visual impact.

Consumable Supplies

Consumable Supplies
Volume purchasing allows us to offer our customers products at better prices than even big-box retail stores.

Performance customers enjoy discount pricing, with stocking and re-orders automated for their convenience.

Commercial Office Cleaning
Commercial Office Cleaning
Commercial Office Cleaning
Commercial Office Cleaning

Medical Office Cleaning
Surgery Cleaning
Laboratory Cleaning
Data Center Cleaning


Performance doesn't want to re-invent cleaning.  We want to provide professional cleaning you can count on.

Professional Training + Simple Systems + Supervision = Happy Customers

The Performance difference is the relentless application of that formula.

(please call now to check our math)

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