If your property requires day services, you understand the value of finding the right fit and forming a long-term relationship.

Someone to recognize your needs and make sure that everything is working - the helping hand that meets requests with a positive attitude and a smile - the eyes in the field that reports problems to management for service calls.  Protecting your property and keeping you happy.

With options for porters that possess light plumbing and light electrical abilities, you can have even greater flexibility in corrective action, avoiding service calls altogether in many situations.  It's easy to see the benefits of finding, "The One."

If you desire indoor service, we have porters that can do light clean and tidy services, in addition to maintaining a robust supply of consumables - on schedule, on-hand, and on-demand.

If you need exterior services, such as someone to police and maintain order in sensitive areas, we have that person as well.

If your position requires more flexibility, we also have hybrid porters that can perform a wide variety of off-scope work.

Day porters provide services the night crew cannot and are customizable to the needs of the property, but their real role is ambassador to the building.

With flexible scheduling options for a variety of cleaning roles, it's easy to find your match.  Call today to discuss the options and service levels available.

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Performance porters are encouraged to be cheerful, proactive and considerate to building tenants.  They are chosen for their professionalism, can-do attitude, and skill-sets that make them a long-term cleaning partner.  Providing a helping hand that is always available.

They are committed to your happiness and It shows in their quality of work, attitude, and professional appearance.


  • Daily Maintenance
    Porters maintain common area cleanliness, monitor restroom supplies, keep lobbies tidy and keep the entry glass clean.

  • Added Security
    Promptly dealing with restroom issues, spills and weather conditions greatly reduces the risk of property damage and injuries.

  • Flexible Schedules
    Full and part-time options for day porters, outside porters or hybrid porters that perform a combination of both are available.

Call (949) 364-4364


Call (949) 364-4364 to discuss available options, or read more about how day porters improve daily operations.

Common Area Maintenance

Stocking Supplies
One of the main day porter functions, and vital to busy operations with heavy traffic.

Day porters ensure that restroom supplies remain stocked and waste receptacles remain empty.

Lobby Glass Cleaning

Problem Solving
Day porters know the problem areas of their assigned property and make them a priority.

Options are available for porters with light repair capabilities in plumbing and interior lighting.

Helping Hands

Support System
Day porters can be made available for tenant requests and to help facilitate repairs.

Options for cleaning, repair, and tenant service available for full or part-time roles.

Fast and Easy Communication

Safety Net
For remote management, porters can manage light repairs or escalate as required.

Reduce property damage and injury risk with the ability to address issues quickly.

Building Looks Great
Comfortable and Sanitary Spaces
Trash Removal and Recycling
Restrooms Maintenance

Clean Restrooms
Well Stocked Restrooms
Soap and Sanitizer Options
Always Ready for Action


You may have your ideal day porter already, but are struggling with the nightly janitorial services.

The good news is, Performance is always looking for talent. 

A quality day porter is a welcome addition to our team.  Performance has found some of our best team members and new customers faced with this situation.  The customer was hesitating in seeking change out of loyalty to their porter and Performance provided a solution.

Performance is proud to provide cleaning solutions and offer long-term career opportunities. Call and ask about options for improving  cleaning and finding your day porter a better future.

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