Performance Building Services provides commercial cleaning services for businesses in Orange County, California, and the surrounding Metro areas.

Cleaning several million square feet of commercial office space on a nightly basis, the need to provide quality sanitizing services to address the COVID-19 threat became our top priority.

Performance is committed to providing the services needed - for the ongoing challenges of the Coronavirus and the future cleaning landscape.

By constantly evaluating new methods of safely sanitizing and disinfecting, Performance will remain on the cutting edge.

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  • Pride in Work

    Our employees feel value and know the investment in their success.  As their abilities grow, cleaning jobs turn into career paths.

  • On the Job Safety

    Performance Building Services strictly adheres to all OSHA safety standards and values our employee safety above all else.

  • Growth Opportunities

    Performance always promotes our very best and cleaning technicians often find careers as leaders while growing their technical skills.

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CDC Recommendations

CDC Recommendations

The CDC recommends a two-step process to sanitize.  First clean and then disinfect.

This is done in the evening after the cleaning has been performed.

The workspace is clean and has been properly sanitized using EPA-approved cleaning solutions.

COVID-19 Safety

COVID-19 Safety

The CDC and EPA recommend that you follow some simple and valuable recommendations.

Please visit the CDC and the EPA for current recommendations.

Locally, please visit the California Department of Public Health. or your local government offices.

COVID-19 Safety Resources

COVID-19 Safety Resources

Locally, some guidelines will need to be followed to avoid an increase in health issues and to conform with State, County, and City codes. You will need to refer to each, individually.

They will share a timeline and other insights that you will need to know as restrictions are lifted on businesses and movement.

Please contact your local city health department for local resources and more information.

Good Practices for Sanitizing

Good Practices for Sanitizing

The focus of cleaning has shifted dramatically toward sanitizing and disinfecting, and the future of cleaning is going to involve that your staff gets involved to share in the sanitizing effort.

It is good practice to take responsibility for daily sanitizing of your phone, keyboard, seat arms, the top of their desk, or any other areas that might have been touched.

Please visit the CDC website for current recommendations.

Professional Training
Professional Training
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Complete Sanitizing

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Sanitizing Services
Professional Sanitizing Services
Expert Sanitizing Services


It is more important than ever that we all use safe practices in our day that did not exist a few short months ago.

Use a team sharing program for sanitizing items, such as horizontal surfaces, and high-touch surfaces (i.e., handles and push bars, light switches, desktops, chair arms, sinks, and faucets).

For other areas you might consider higher-risk, that need to be performed daily, share the duties.

If they are too much to manage, call Performance to discuss your service options.

Ask our cleaning experts about the variety of options and services available.

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