Performance Building Services has been proudly serving the cleaning needs of Southern California for over twenty years.

Over the years we have learned a thing or two about cleaning that we like to share at every opportunity:

1) Clean well, and, 2) Inspect your work.

(it's a simple formula that delivers results)

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Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Commercial cleaning services and day porter services for businesses, medical, surgery and cleanrooms.

Commercial janitorial services for multi-tenant and stand-alone buildings.

Performing a full range of services for multiple cleaning markets.

Consumable products available at volume discounts and maintained at daily par levels for worry free operations.

Medical Office Building Cleaning

Cleaning healthcare facilities and medical office buildings requires training and a solid plan.

Quality customer support systems and training are a requirement.

Medical cleaning is slow and cleaning requirements tend to be very specific.

Performance reliably serves, and continues to grow, in a market well known for unique cleaning requirements.

Operating Room Cleaning and Terminal Cleaning

Professional terminal cleaning solutions for cleaning surgery centers and procedure areas.

Surgery areas must be terminal cleaned every day of procedures.

Nursing is specially trained to deal with daytime periOperative cleanings.

Performance performs terminal cleaning services in operating rooms and the associated surgical support areas.

Cleanroom and Critical Environment Cleaning

Critical environment cleaning for medical manufacturing, laboratories and data storage centers.

Performance provides regimented service to our technical cleaning customers.

Site-specific training and cleaning options available for all environments.

Options include cleanroom certification cleaning, inspection/audit preparation, and remediation to required cleaning levels.

Professional Training and Modern Cleaning Equipment

Old fashioned values and modern tools.  A clear vision for tomorrow with a long history of results.

Through all the advances in cleaning over the years, one thing remains the same:

The only way to get things clean is to clean well and then inspect the work.

Our culture of keeping it simple and keeping things clean consistently delivers quality results for our customers.

PBS values

Doing cleaning budgets or looking for immediate change?  Make Performance your next call.

Performance serves the diverse cleaning needs of Southern California businesses.

If it's time to make a change or you just need guidance, please call now.

Cleaning can be a big expense.  Let Performance Building Services show you how a dollar's worth of cleaning really looks.

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Everything is beautiful!

- Very happy customer

I saw myself in the carpet, it was so clean!

- Customer that saw reflection in carpet

It's like having a cleaning genie!

- Customer with request (completed)

So clean, I give my food a 15 second rule!

- Customer that didn't go hungry

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Professional Cleaning Services for Commercial, Mixed-use and Industrial Buildings

Our technicians are trained to work in the market they serve and commercial cleaning techs do the majority of all nightly cleaning.

It's fast paced cleaning that requires training and team structure.

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Healthcare Cleaning in Medical Offices, Medical Office Buildings, Clinics and Hospitals

Ask commercial cleaning companies what market is most challenging to serve and the answer will be medical cleaning.

Performance has thrived meeting the challenges of medical facilities.

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Surgery Cleaning Services in Operating Rooms, Procedure Areas and Outpatient Clinics

Terminal cleaning touches all critical areas in the OR.  The cleaning starts at the top of the room and completes at floor level.

Top-to-bottom cleaning processes ensure reliable results.

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Cleanroom Cleaning, Laboratory Cleaning and Other Controlled Environment Cleaning

Technical cleaning is slow, detailed cleaning - often performed in controlled environments where suiting up may be required.

Specifications must be followed and technicians must be properly trained.

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Day Porter and Exterior Porter Services for Commercial, Mixed-use and Retail Properties

Busy commercial and retail properties with heavy foot traffic often have daytime cleaning and stocking requirements.

Our uniformed day porters and outside porters serve these needs with a smile.

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Expert Floor Care, Consumables Options and Special Services for Our Valued Customers

Performance customers enjoy volume pricing for consumable supplies, expert floor care and a variety of other specialized services.

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