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Performance is new to the blogging thing, but we have a vast amount of cleaning experience to share, and this is definitely the appropriate time to share. Our long history of cleaning schools and medical buildings allows us to offer our unique perspective – presented in a no-nonsense approach to cleaning and sanitizing that we hope everyone can find useful.

Performance was built on cleaning private schools and doctors’ offices, and it has been the training ground for everything that has followed. As you might imagine, cleaning schools and medical practices can be more complicated than even our most technical cleaning accounts, because technical cleaning is regimented. It can be controlled. Schools and doctors’ offices are much more dynamic. They require flexibility and willingness to adapt.

The concentration of germs on practically every surface makes containment difficult and can spread quickly to the children, who bring it home to family members. The same can be said for doctors’ offices, and that is why a bit of common sense and a dab of elbow grease will be your best friends in the days to come.

It is your personal responsibility to make sure that the arms of your chair, the edges of your desk, the desk surface, the phone, and the keyboard are all kept very clean and disinfected. For your own safety.

A common misconception is that it is the responsibility of the cleaning contractor to clean and/or disinfect when in reality there is almost definitely wording that these surfaces will not be touched.

Even if it is in the scope of work, you must clean these items personally to know that it has been done.

Please take a moment to clean these items at your earliest convenience and then clean them often. Maybe take a look at your cleaning scope to see what coverage your cleaning contractor currently provides and discuss it with them. They should have a cohesive plan at this point and be able to offer guidance and support.

In addition to cleaning and disinfecting the high-touch areas, you must make sure that everything that touches the high-touch surfaces is already as clean as possible. Meaning your hands. Give them a good 20-second scrub… you got it… often!

Your hands must remain as clean as possible, so please, wash your hands thoroughly, often, and sanitize often.